Participating in Peabody's Virtual Meetings

In light of the COVID-19 virus, Peabody TV appreciates how patient Peabody residents have been as we navigated a new world of virtual meetings. We hope this blog post will help residents understand where to view and participate in meetings.

How to Watch a Meeting

All meetings are live-streamed on Peabody TV’s Facebook, Youtubewebsite, and channel. They are also archived on all platforms mentioned, in addition to Roku and Apple TV if you miss the live stream!

They are also available on Zoom directly if you have the meeting link (typically found on the agenda, which is on the city’s website or the Peabody school website) or if you call the toll-free number.


How to Participate in a Meeting

Participants can dial the toll-free number, which will be on the meeting’s agenda and on display during the live-stream, to participate. 

If calling by phone and getting a number from the zoom notice, you can dial any number listed. As long as you put in the right meeting ID, it will properly connect you.

If connecting by the Zoom Software, some moderators may utilize a “Raise Hand” feature, which when selected alerts the moderator of the meeting that you would like to speak. Public comment is usually at the discretion of the chair, who will normally advise on the procedure for public comment at the start of the meeting. Moderators may call you by name or last 4 digits of your phone number when it is your turn to speak. *Always remember to mute your device once you connect and only un-mute when attempting to speak.

If you are unable to participate during the live stream, there is an email option for submitting a public comment to School Committee and City Council.


We hope this helps you navigate the virtual meetings. If you have any other questions, please contact us at