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We provide the space and tools for our community to transform their ideas into publicly available media.

Who we are and what we value

Here at Peabody TV, we aspire to be the go-to resource for digital media creation where everyone in our community has access to the right tools, education, and platform to tell their story.

We strongly believe in being accessible to everyone in our community and highly value free speech and promoting the truth. Our staff is always ready to help; we always go the extra mile to ensure you feel confident and supported in your creative expression!

We are not your average community media center

What we offer

Community media centers like Peabody TV play a crucial role in connecting residents with their local government, schools, and community organizations and also serve as a platform for local voices.

Community Programing

Peabody TV operates 3 channels (public, education, and government) which serve a distinct purpose and cater to different aspects of the community’s needs.

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Becoming a member of Peabody TV and gaining access to their facilities and equipment is a great way to get involved in community media and produce your own content.

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Offering a variety of classes, workshops, and learning opportunities is a valuable service provided by PTV. These educational offerings can benefit people of all ages and skill levels.

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Video Production Services

Peabody TV plays a vital role in helping local businesses, organizations, and individuals create compelling, story-driven content.

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Media Conversions

Have a box of tapes gathering dust in the attic? Bring them down to Peabody TV and we will digitize them to preserve your memories!

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Peabody TV sells digital copies of any programs in our archive library, some of which date back to the 1980s!

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Learning Opportunities

Peabody TV serves as a valuable resource for students, organizational leaders, small business owners, and everyone in between. Our classes empower individuals to become more proficient in media creation and encourage them to actively participate in local media and storytelling.

Community Programming

Public CHannel

Comcast 6 or RCN 629/1159

A blend of original content from both community members and PTV staff, the public channel serves as a reflection of the community’s identity. Become a member today and get your content on our public channel!

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Education Channel

Comcast 8 or RCN 613/1160

The education channel keeps the community informed, engaged, and connected with its educational institutions. Expect to enjoy the latest Tanners game, School Committee meeting, and original content from our youth programs.

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Government Channel

Comcast 9 or RCN 614/1161

The government channel broadcasts municipal meetings, election coverage, and other related content, which plays a critical role in civic education, community involvement, and ensuring that residents are well-informed about the decisions and actions of their local government.

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Recent Programming



At Peabody TV, we have the expertise and creative vision to bring your story to life. Stories promote engagement, evoke emotion, and create a human connection between an organization and their clients.

We specialize in a diverse range of video production services, even outside the scope of community media. We produce a diverse range of content for our clients, including videos promoting advocacy, event coverage and recaps, business profiles, and more!

From Our Community

“Peabody TV shines a light on so many important and wonderful aspects of our community with its award-winning public, educational and government access programming.”

Ted Bettencourt

Mayor, City of Peabody

“I worked with PTV to create a commercial for one of my company’s service offerings, and they provided fantastic service, an excellent finished product and a very comfortable setting to record in. I was very pleased with the finished product.”

Carl Grivakis

Local Business Owner

“I started a podcast in their podcast studio in 2018, and it was a fantastic experience. They had the tools I needed to produce [content] that sounded professional & polished. And I was able to draw in the knowledge of their team.”

Daybar Bugler

Member & Board Member

“We absolutely love working with the staff at Peabody TV. They’re warm, welcoming and extremely professional. The quality of their work is outstanding and such a wonderful asset to the Peabody community.”

Gianna Langis

Citizens Inn

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