Peabody TV streaming to Apple TV & Roku

Peabody TV is pleased to announce the integration of new live streaming options for our viewers.  Either through our website or popular devices like Roku or Apple TV, you can now catch Peabody’s best programming on the go from virtually anywhere with an internet connection!  Even if you have family in another city or state, you can now invite them to watch our live and featured programs from sports and city happenings to political events and special features at the same time you’re watching from home.


If you have either a Roku or Apple TV device, in order to access our content you need to download Cablecast Screenweave from your app store and add it to your system.


Once installed, open the app and scroll through the list until you find Peabody TV.  We should be listed fairly early but in some cases you may have to keep scrolling until you find us.


Now you will find our three channels streaming 24/7 in addition to several popular categories of our most requested programs available right at your fingertips.  Going forward every time you open the app you can choose Peabody TV from a list of previously watched channels.

If you’re on the go, additional streaming options can be found on our website at  Here you have the option of streaming one of our channels straight to your phone, computer, or tablet.  Plus, if you own a Chromecast device you can stream what’s on your computer over to your television.


As we continue to bring you more modern options for viewing our content, it’s never been a better time to become a member of Peabody TV to support our efforts to provide local coverage of our community events.  Individual membership starts at $25.00 and includes access to our equipment, training and more.


For more information, be sure to click on the membership link above or at