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Public Channel

The public needs Peabody TV as an avenue of free-expression; the need for individuals, businesses, and organizations to maintain community identity and voice has never been more important.

Comcast 99 | RCN 629/3 and 1159

Education Channel

Educational Access gives a means to communicate with parents and students. We also teach youth video production through our PYTV, Work Study, and internship programs throughout the year.

Comcast 8 | RCN 613/13 & 1160

Government Channel

Our local government channel informs the public about special events, voter information, election coverage, and more. Peabody TV is also part of the city’s emergency communication system.

Comcast 9 | RCN 614/15 and 1161

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Learning Opportunities

Peabody TV has multiple learning opportunities for adults and students of all ages!

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Access to Technology

Join as a Peabody TV member and gain access to high-end equipment, studio, and podcast booth.

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For Businesses

Whether you need event coverage or a marketing video, Peabody TV has you covered.

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About Us

Peabody TV operates the public, education, and government channels for the City. Our mission is to stimulating cultural, artistic, and political expression through digital media.



The quality of their work is outstanding and such a wonderful asset to the Peabody community.

Gianna Langis

Citizens Inn

Our story has never been told better than through [Peabody TV’s] lens.

Tim Brown

Northeast Arc


“Peabody TV shines a light on so many important and wonderful aspects of our community with its award-winning public, educational and government access programming.”

Mayor Edward A. Bettencourt, Jr.

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