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We are Peabody TV, (formerly known as Peabody Access Telecommunications, Inc) a community media center serving residents of Peabody and beyond. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit funded through revenues derived from cable television franchise fees.

Our mission is to provide the space and tools for our local community to transform thoughts and ideas into publicly available media. We aspire to be the go-to resource for digital media creation where everyone in our community has access to the right tools, education and delivery platform to tell their story.


Providing local coverage since 1980


When Mayor Peter Torigian brought cable television to the City of Peabody back in October of 1980, it was groundbreaking.

Twenty-five years later, Mayor Michael Bonfanti changed the landscape again when, with the stroke of a pen, authorized Comcast to fund a non-profit organization to “provide services to Public, Educational, and Governmental Access users”. And, thus, Peabody TV was born.

In June 2017, Mayor Edward Bettencourt successfully secured a significant increase in Peabody TV’s funding when signed the new ten-year cable license.  In doing so, he ensured that PEG access operations will continue for years to come.

Meet the Team


Camille Bartlett

Executive Director

Camille leads the Peabody TV team with over 35 years experience in public television.

Outside of work she is a mother, an avid music fan, a sports enthusiast, and the owner of a beautiful Rottweiler named Charlie.

B.A. in English, Salem State College

Courtney Macloon

Creative Director

Courtney is our storytelling specialist and manager of our Creative Services Team where she gets to put her bossy, Type-A personality to great use.

She discovered her love for video editing at the age of 9 and grew up right in front of Peabody TV’s eyes, starting in 2007 at only 16 years old.

B.A. in Communications, Endicott College

Jim Palmer

Production Manager

Jim brings years of community TV experience having worked at Peabody Cablevision, Danvers TV, and now Peabody TV.

In his spare time, Jim is an active Amateur Radio operator and emergency communications volunteer, avid weather spotter, and enjoys camping, hiking, and other outdoor events.

B.A. in Video Production, Emerson College

Nicholas DeSimone

Associate Director of Production Services

Nick found his passion for video creation in high school, when he realized the hybrid nature of producing, shooting and editing meshed perfectly with his desire to be on his feet one day and sedentary the next. After graduating in 2021 he dove headfirst into professional video work, finding himself everywhere from reality cooking tv sets, to remote solo fashion shoots, to rock concert barricades.

Outside of work you can find Nick coaching college rugby, collaborating with musical creators, or couch-locked watching a YouTube video-essay.

B.A. in Communications, Lasell University

Don Murphy

Facilities Coordinator

Don has over 40 years in television production experience. You can catch him tinkering in our equipment room or in directing a game in the production truck.

In a past life, Don was a driving instructor, history teacher, and bar owner. In his free time he plays for a championship winning softball team.

Natalie Maga

Office Manager

Natalie is the person welcoming you when you visit or call the office. She is a lifelong Peabody resident and worked at Peabody City Hall as the first female City Clerk for 42 years. In 2006 joined the Peabody TV team after retiring from the city.

Outside of work, Natalie enjoys watching the Hallmark channel, visits to the casino, and spending time with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


PTV Mascot

While technically Camille’s dog, Charlie has become a fixture in the office and is part of the PTV family.

Board Members


Tim Spanos

Tim Spanos

PTV Board Chairman

John MCGinn

John MCGinn


Deanne Healey

Deanne Healey

PTV Board Member

Matt Molk

Matt Molk

PTV Board Member

Daybar Bugler

Daybar Bugler

PTV Board Member

Robert Champagne

Robert Champagne

PTV Board Member


National Awards

Regional Awards

National Awards

2011 Hometown Video Awards

  • Overall Excellence in PEG, budget $300k-$650k
  • Best Website for Access Centers
  • Derek Gauvain, Student Music Video “Transformers”

2012 NATOA Government Programming Award

  • Finalist, Overall Excellence in Public Access Programming

2014 Hometown Video Awards

  • Documentary Biography, Haven from Hunger, Feeding those in Need

2015 Hometown Video Awards

2016 Hometown Video Awards

2017 Hometown Video Awards

2018 Hometown Video Awards

2019 Hometown Video Awards

2020 Hometown Video Awards

Regional Awards

2011 ACM-NE / Regional

  • Overall Excellence in PEG, budget $250k-$500k
  • 1st Place: Local Attractions, Senior Variety Show
  • 1st Place: PEG Promo/PSA, JRM Recycling PSA
  • 2nd Place: Arts & Theatre, 2011 Higgins MS Poetry Slam
  • 2nd Place: Student Programming, 2011 PVMHS Art Show

2013 ACM-NE / Regional

  • 3rd Place: Community Impact, Yarnbombing
  • 1st Place: LIVE Programming, 2012 International Festival

2014 ACM-NE / Regional

  • 1st Place: Municipal/Government Programming, “City of Peabody Restaurant Week 2013”
  • 1st Place: Local Attractions, “Road to Peabody:  Treadwells Ice Cream”
  • 1st Place: Community Impact, “Haven from Hunger:  Feeding those in Need”
  • 1st Place: PEG Advocacy Video: “Peabody Access Telecommunications, the Documentary”
  • 1st Place: Diversity Empowerment (Non Professional), “Surviving Everyday”, Leslie Pavia / Jeff Geibel
  • 1st Place: School and Educational Program, “PVMHS Vocational Informational Video”, Colby Todisco
  • 1st Place: Student Programming, “Marty and Martha”, Colby Todisco

2015 ACM-NE / Regional

  • Overall Excellence in PEG, budget $451k-$650k
  • 1st Place: Historical Documentary, No Backing Down
  • 1st Place: Issues and Polistical Process, “A Conversation with State Rep. Leah Cole”
  • 1st Place: Municipal/Government Programming, “City of Peabody Restaurant Week 2014″
  • 2nd Place: PEG Advocacy Video:  “Peabody Access Telecommunications Ascertainment Video
  • 3rd Place: PEG Promo/PSA (Non-Professional) “PSA – Don’t Leave your Dog in the Car”
  • 3rd Place: Student Programming (Non-Professional) “PSA – Don’t Text and Drive”
  • 1st Place: Community Impact (Non Professional), “Surviving Everyday”, Leslie Pavia / Jeff Geibel

2016 ACM-NE / Regional

2017 ACM-NE / Regional

2018 ACM-NE / Regional

2019 ACM-NE / Regional

We also recieved the Peter Torigian International Festival Spirit Award.

2020 ACM-NE / Regional

  • 1st Place: Overall Excellence (over $851,000)
  • 1st Place: Diversity Empowerment, “Alzheimer’s Association: Team Bill
  • 1st Place: Historical Documentary, “100 Years of Peabody District Court”
  • 1st Place: Issues and Political Process, “How Peabody Government Works”
  • 1st Place: Event Coverage – Single Camera, “CuriousCity is Open!”
  • 1st Place: News and Magazine Format, “Made in Peabody: Olio”
  • 1st Place: Music and Performance, “Justin Clancy: On my Way”
  • 1st Place: School/Educational Program, “Drunk Busters”

Mass Creator Award: Documentary, “100 Years of Peabody District Court”

2021 ACM-NE / Regional

Mass Creator Award:  “Fifteen Minutes of Fame (with guest Anna Marie Smith”


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