Media Conversions

Have a box of tapes gathering dust in the attic?

Bring them down to Peabody TV and preserve your memories!

What can we digitize?

We do all digitizing and repairs in house. Formats include: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Digital8, MiniDV, DVDs, and SD cards.

Your originals are always returned to you at the end of the project.



All conversions will be digitized into an MP4 format  and delivered on a USB.

All orders also have a $20 service fee.

VHS to Digital

  • 1-2 tapes: $24.95/tape
  • 3-5 tapes: $19.95/tape
  • 6+ tapes: $15.95/tape

*Tapes over 2 hours, add $10


  • DVDs: $15/DVD
  • SD cards: $15/card

Ready to preserve your memories?


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I digitize my videos?

Tapes deteriorate, dvds get scratched, and SD cards can easily get lost. Do you want to risk losing your memories forever?

How long does it take to recieve my videos?

It will vary depending on how many items you are getting digitized. We will give you an estimated date upon recieving your media.

what if my tape is short? why should i pay the same amount?

Our pricing is not only based on the tape length; it is the employee labor and editing time, which is the same despite the length of the tape.

How should I store my videos once I recieve them?

Our recommendation is to keep the USB we give you in a safe location, and also back up your files on the cloud. You can also keep the files directly on your computer.

Can you make my home videos hd?

We capture and deliver all videos in their original format. Most tapes record at 720×480 (SD), which is what you will recieve. If 

Can you repair tapes?

Yes, we can replace broken casings, respool loose film, and splicing film back together. Pricing is based on needs.

Am I able to edit my videos after they are captured?

Yes! You have two options:

1. We are a learning facility. We can train you on how to use our editing software, and you can clip and organize your footage however you wish.

2. You can hire us at a half or full day rate to edit for you. Inquire for details.

Do you transfer film reels?

No, we currently do not offer the transfer of reels to digital files.

Ready to preserve your memories?

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