The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is moving toward adopting a new rule that has the potential for defunding PEG Access operations across the country in every state as early as January 2019.


Cable operators currently paying the maximum 5% franchise fee permitted by federal law (as Comcast does in Peabody) will be able to reduce the franchise fee payment by the fair market value of all in-kind contributions including, but not limited to: complimentary cable drops to schools and other public buildings, PEG channel capacity and transmission, discounts for senior citizens or other economically disadvantaged groups, and accommodations for hearing impaired subscribers.  This rule would be a blow to consumers, to communities, and to PEG access centers alike.


Please let the FCC know you oppose the FNPRM on Cable Franchising (05-311). You may adapt the prepared letter below for your convenience.  It should be entered into the record here and emailed to:

 You need only fill out:

  • Proceeding (use 05-311); Name of Filer (use entity name);
  • Attorney/Author Name (use name of person who authored or is filing comments);
  • Primary Contact Email; Type of Filing (select Reply to Comments from drop down menu);
  • Address; City; State; Zip Code.


December 14 is the latest anything can be entered into the record.

After completing the form, upload the document with your comments. We suggest you check the box “Email Confirmation” directly above the “Continue to review screen” button to ensure you receive an email confirmation that the comments have been filed.  After clicking “Continue to review screen,” review the information you entered on the first page.  If everything is correct, you must click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page, which will take you to a final confirmation page.  (If you made errors, you may return to the first page to make corrections before clicking “Submit.”)


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