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We are Peabody TV, (formerly known as Peabody Access Telecommunications, Inc) a community media center serving residents of Peabody and beyond. Our mission is to stimulate cultural, artistic, and political expression through media.

We operate the Public, Education, and Government channels which air locally-produced programing, as well as teach classes for people of all ages.

PTV is a 501(c)3 nonprofit funded through revenues derived from cable television franchise fees.

Providing local coverage since 1980


When Mayor Peter Torigian brought cable television to the City of Peabody back in October of 1980, it was groundbreaking.

Twenty-five years later, Mayor Michael Bonfanti changed the landscape again when, with the stroke of a pen, authorized Comcast to fund a non-profit organization to “provide services to Public, Educational, and Governmental Access users”. And, thus, Peabody TV was born.

In June 2017, Mayor Edward Bettencourt successfully secured a significant increase in Peabody TV’s funding when signed the new ten-year cable license.  In doing so, he ensured that PEG access operations will continue for years to come.


We are located at 81 Main Street, right in the heart of downtown Peabody. In 2021 we built a beautiful, brand new 4,000 sq ft facility including a studio with control room, podcast studio, and media lab.

Meet the Staff

Camille Bartlett

Camille Bartlett

Executive Director

Camille leads the Peabody TV team with over 35 years experience in public television. She is a graduate of Salem State College with a bachelor’s degree in English. Outside of work she is a mother, an avid music fan, a sports enthusiast, and the owner of a beautiful Rottweiler named Charlie.
Courtney Macloon

Courtney Macloon

Creative Director

Courtney has been with Peabody TV since 2007, when she was only 16 years old. She graduated from Endicott College in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a concentration of Digital Filmmaking. She loved making videos with friends growing up and discovered her love for editing at the young age of 9.
Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer

Production Manager

Jim brings years of community TV experience having worked at Peabody Cablevision, Danvers TV, and now Peabody TV. He has a bachelors in TV and Video Production from Emerson College. In his spare time, Jim is an active Amateur Radio operator and emergency communications volunteer, avid weather spotter, and enjoys camping, hiking, and other outdoor events.
Stephen Valenti

Stephen Valenti

Production Coordinator

Steve is a graduate of Salem State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a concentration in Media Production. He has been involved with community television since high school and has experience working in the Boston news market. In his free time, Steve enjoys exploring the mountains of New Hampshire.
Natalie Maga

Natalie Maga

Office Manager

Natalie is a lifelong Peabody resident and a graduate of the Peabody School system.  She worked at Peabody City Hall as the first female City Clerk for 42 years. In 2006 joined the Peabody TV team after retiring from the city. Natalie is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother and feels truly blessed to be part of this amazing Peabody TV team.

Don Murphy

Don Murphy

Facilities Coordinator

Don has over 40 years in television production experience.  Don has also worked as a driving instructor, history teacher, and a bar owner. In his free time he plays for a championship winning softball team.


National Awards

Regional Awards

National Awards

2011 Hometown Video Awards

  • Overall Excellence in PEG, budget $300k-$650k
  • Best Website for Access Centers
  • Derek Gauvain, Student Music Video “Transformers”

2012 NATOA Government Programming Award

  • Finalist, Overall Excellence in Public Access Programming

2014 Hometown Video Awards

  • Documentary Biography, Haven from Hunger, Feeding those in Need

2015 Hometown Video Awards

2016 Hometown Video Awards

2017 Hometown Video Awards

2018 Hometown Video Awards

2019 Hometown Video Awards

2020 Hometown Video Awards

Regional Awards

2011 ACM-NE / Regional

  • Overall Excellence in PEG, budget $250k-$500k
  • 1st Place: Local Attractions, Senior Variety Show
  • 1st Place: PEG Promo/PSA, JRM Recycling PSA
  • 2nd Place: Arts & Theatre, 2011 Higgins MS Poetry Slam
  • 2nd Place: Student Programming, 2011 PVMHS Art Show

2013 ACM-NE / Regional

  • 3rd Place: Community Impact, Yarnbombing
  • 1st Place: LIVE Programming, 2012 International Festival

2014 ACM-NE / Regional

  • 1st Place: Municipal/Government Programming, “City of Peabody Restaurant Week 2013”
  • 1st Place: Local Attractions, “Road to Peabody:  Treadwells Ice Cream”
  • 1st Place: Community Impact, “Haven from Hunger:  Feeding those in Need”
  • 1st Place: PEG Advocacy Video: “Peabody Access Telecommunications, the Documentary”
  • 1st Place: Diversity Empowerment (Non Professional), “Surviving Everyday”, Leslie Pavia / Jeff Geibel
  • 1st Place: School and Educational Program, “PVMHS Vocational Informational Video”, Colby Todisco
  • 1st Place: Student Programming, “Marty and Martha”, Colby Todisco

2015 ACM-NE / Regional

  • Overall Excellence in PEG, budget $451k-$650k
  • 1st Place: Historical Documentary, No Backing Down
  • 1st Place: Issues and Polistical Process, “A Conversation with State Rep. Leah Cole”
  • 1st Place: Municipal/Government Programming, “City of Peabody Restaurant Week 2014″
  • 2nd Place: PEG Advocacy Video:  “Peabody Access Telecommunications Ascertainment Video
  • 3rd Place: PEG Promo/PSA (Non-Professional) “PSA – Don’t Leave your Dog in the Car”
  • 3rd Place: Student Programming (Non-Professional) “PSA – Don’t Text and Drive”
  • 1st Place: Community Impact (Non Professional), “Surviving Everyday”, Leslie Pavia / Jeff Geibel

2016 ACM-NE / Regional

2017 ACM-NE / Regional

2018 ACM-NE / Regional

2019 ACM-NE / Regional

We also recieved the Peter Torigian International Festival Spirit Award.

2020 ACM-NE / Regional

  • 1st Place: Overall Excellence (over $851,000)
  • 1st Place: Diversity Empowerment, “Alzheimer’s Association: Team Bill
  • 1st Place: Historical Documentary, “100 Years of Peabody District Court”
  • 1st Place: Issues and Political Process, “How Peabody Government Works”
  • 1st Place: Event Coverage – Single Camera, “CuriousCity is Open!”
  • 1st Place: News and Magazine Format, “Made in Peabody: Olio”
  • 1st Place: Music and Performance, “Justin Clancy: On my Way”
  • 1st Place: School/Educational Program, “Drunk Busters”

Mass Creator Award: Documentary, “100 Years of Peabody District Court”

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