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Peabody TV offers multiple level memberships for residents, non-residents, businesses, and nonprofits. All member programming airs on our Public Channel. (Comcast Channel 99 / RCN 629/1159)

So I’m interested, what’s the first step to get creating?

  • Become a “Full-access” level member (if you aren’t already!)
  • Review our Membership Policies and Procedures
  • Recruit volunteers to assist you (if needed)
  • Meet with the Peabody TV staff to discuss your program and schedule any studio time/equipment rentals.

Full-Access Membership

A full-access membership gives you access to:

  • Studio space for recording videos and podcasts.
  • Computer lab for working on creative projects.
  • Access to professional grade equipment.
  • Classes & Workshops for youth and adults.
  • One-on-one trainings on equipment and facility.
  • Display your programming on our Public Channel.
  • Discounted fee for rentals.
  • Access to channel bulletin board.*

    *Business level only.

    Individual - Full Access

    $30 Resident / $40 Non-resident

    Business/Non Profit



    $20 Resident / $30 Non-resident

    Ready to become a member?




    Already have a program and just looking for air-time?

    Individual - Basic Level

    • For producers seeking airtime only.
    • Valid for one year.

    $15 Resident / $25 Non-resident

    Business/Non Profit - Basic Level

    • For producers seeking airtime only.
    • Valid for one year.


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